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Why is Excavation So Important? All You Need to Know!

Why is Excavation So Important? All You Need to Know

Why is Excavation So Important? All You Need to Know!

There are several reasons why excavation services are vitally important. You will get in serious trouble if you start any construction project without excavation. Ensure your project is done right with In-Depth Excavation services. Save money. Save time.

Let’s start with what kind of project you are doing. Construction projects vary in several ways. Are you putting an addition on your home? Are you expanding your backyard with a new deck, swimming pool, playground, or garden?

All of these ventures need a strong foundation to prevent erosion so that whatever you are doing does not erode and fall into the earth. A professional excavator will open the earth you plan to build, dig it out, and replace it with a stronger foundation.

The ground you want to build on must be filled with strong, workable earth. You can’t build on any ground you choose. It has to be excavated first.

An unexcavated foundation is an early death sentence for your structure. Without proper excavation, rainwater cannot drain from the structure and will eventually sag into the earth. Without a proper foundation, the structure could collapse.

If you have questions about excavation services in Snohomish, Everett, Monroe, or anywhere in between, call In-Depth Excavation. (425) 367-1521.

See more information & details on why you need excavation for your next project.

Excavation is very important for your construction project.

Excavation is the process of digging up the surface of an area to expose what lies beneath. Excavation is counted for various civil engineering purposes, such as building foundations or laying down pipes for plumbing.

Excavation services are very important because they help homeowners with their work and make life easier. If you are planning any kind of excavation project in your house, you should hire professional excavators who will do everything efficiently without causing any damage to your property.

What is Excavation?​

The process by which an area is opened and prepared for construction purposes is excavation. It can be done by hand or with machinery, and it’s often necessary when preparing a foundation for a building or other construction project. Excavation can also install underground utility lines and other infrastructure, such as pipes and cables.

Excavation is a common term used to describe digging a hole, but it is much more than that. It can be done for many different reasons, including building a house or installing utility lines. The type of excavation you need depends on the purpose of your project, which could range from residential construction to basic landscaping work.

Excavation is also about creating a hollow trench system, such as building foundations or laying pipes. However, there are many other uses for excavations as well—for example, excavation can be used to create basements and underground storage areas.

Here are some things you should know about excavation:

  • Excavation services can be broken down into three categories: open cut (where an entire area is removed), trenching (where only part of an area is removed), and boring (where holes are drilled into solid rock). Each type has its advantages, depending on your project.
  • Before getting into any kind of excavation project, here are some vital questions you should ask yourself: How big do I want my expansion? How deep does it need to go? What type of material am I working with? These questions will help determine which type of service provider would best suit your needs! If you are unsure, call In-Deth Excavation, and we will help answer those questions. (425) 367-1521

Different types of Excavation Services include:​

    • Dry & Wet Excavation – Dry excavation is the removal of dry, rocky, or solid dirt. Wet excavation removes wet contents such as water, mud, and moisture-laden earth.
    • Demolition – Most excavation services include removing old, unwanted structures to prepare the earth for a new build. Often excavators haul away, dispose of, or recycle unwanted materials.
  • EarthMoving/ Land Clearing – Earthmoving and Land Clearing include the removal of tree stumps, overgrown vegetation, large rocks, and materials in the way of the project. Earthmoving is the process of digging, pushing, and moving out large amounts of dirt. Large motor equipment such as tractors, cranes, and hydraulic excavators maneuver the earth and eradicate obstacles.
    • Earth Grading – Grading ensures a level base or one with a specified slope. This ensures the stabilization of your new structure.
  • Side Sewer – Side Sewer and Water Service Repair is an integral part of the maintenance of your property. As your property ages, sewer, and water pipes get old and  can leak or break. You will end up with a faulty drainage system in need of repairs. Not all excavators provide this service.
  • Driveways – Some of the best excavators, such as In-Depth Excavation, also excavate and install driveways.
  • Digging trenches – Excavation is the process of digging for various purposes, such as installing underground utility lines or curb and gutter systems. An application can include installing underground utility lines such as water and irrigation systems.

Excavating contractors are required by state law to have a license before they are allowed to perform any kind of excavation work on private property and public rights-of-way, like streets and sidewalks. Licensed excavating contractors are educated in the civil engineering industry and have undergone or continue routine safety training. Not just anyone can do excavation.

In-Depth Excavation is your #1 Snohomish excavation contractor.

In-Depth Excavation is here to serve you and help you understand why our services are a necessity to your construction project.

We develop a strategy and execute a plan that leads you closer to your vision. You can tell us exactly what you have in mind, and we show you the way. If applicable, we’ll find the means to save you time and money.

We provide you with clear solutions to excavation problems and challenges. We approach each project with consideration and will provide you with exceptional service.

In-Depth Excavation are experts at all stages of excavation.

  • In-Depth Excavation maximizes the land’s usage.
  • Finishes within budget and on time.
  • Knowledgeable with Washington State terrain, environmental factors, laws, and permits.
  • Follows directions and communicates with all involved parties, other contractors, clients, county, and neighboring projects.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Up to date with required registrations, licenses, insurance forms, and worker’s comp.
  • We practice safety protocols, procedures, and requirements.
  • In-Depth Excavation has references and reviews.

In-Depth Excavation is passionate about our work because every successful project makes us better at our craft. We are committed to your positive customer experience, which is why you can rely on us. If you need anything, we will guide you through the excavation process from planning to completion.

Call In-Depth Excavation for more information on our excavation services, including how to safely and efficiently begin projects. Make sure to see all of our services.

In-Depth Excavation has experience on large construction projects. If you’re an area contractor looking for a great excavation team, please contact us. (425) 367-1521