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Marge K Arians
Marge K Arians
Dillon is THE only way to go! Best money spent! He is smart, skilled, and experienced. Takes very good care of you and goes above and beyond. Very personable. Great pricing, actually far better than 2 other guys who came out. I had massive backyard cleanup, bought a fixer upper house that was let go last 20yrs. Backyard was overgrown by blackberry, ivy, brush. 30hrs later, its clear!
Brenda Kindred
Brenda Kindred
We hired them to excavate and create a walkway thru our 2 acres of woods. They also cleared another area for a planned fruit orchard and cleared and created a pad for an above ground pool. They made quick work of it all too! They gave us exactly what we asked for at a reasonable rate. They even built a little cedar bench with some stumps and cedar plank. Then cut out a little seat from a tree they fell. Gotta love the little touches and considerations. Highly recommended!
Ian Shulman
Ian Shulman
Dillon was very responsive in helping us solve the drainage issue on my property. I was thankful for his quick turnaround time to schedule and execute the job. He even took the time to come out over the weekend to avoid additional flooding for an incoming storm early that week. I would recommend his services to family and friends.
sean doull
sean doull
Dillon and his crew were responsive and professional. Great communication and worked with us to best approach our project. Would definitely use again!
Scott Fowler
Scott Fowler
Exceptional experience. Clean professional job at a great price.
Edis Kulaga
Edis Kulaga
I had a somewhat complicated project in Everett but In-Depth Excavation took care of it very professionally and on time. My project required tapping into main sewer from my property but under a big retaining wall. The guys got all the materials, Survayer, soil engineer and city and county inspectors handled. Everything went well and the project was done and approved by Silver Lake Sewer District and Sno County. All this was done within the quoted price. I would recommend In-Depth Excavation to anybody and I will definitely use them again in the future.
Don Hjort
Don Hjort
Dillon and his team were awesome to work with. I appreciated the teams willingness to do what it took to accomplish what I had envisioned. They were very thorough and diligently finished with quality. Thank you for doing a great job!
Nancy Plummer
Nancy Plummer
Our deck contractor hired Dillon to dig up our existing patio and replace it with a new larger patio that would incorporate the new deck. Dillon worked with us to make sure the new patio met our specifications. He was very responsive and managed to fit in time to bring a large layer of topsoil and rake out the area that had been dug up and chewed up during the excavation. We are very pleased with the final product.
Brett Blair
Brett Blair
Dillon and his crew completed an extensive job for us, that at least one other company wouldn’t touch. The knowledge he brought to our job site was incredible, and the team worked very efficiently. The outcome far exceeded our expectations. He was prompt with getting us a bid, payment was painless, and his professionalism was refreshing.

Here are Some of the Services We Can Provide You

Site Cleanup & Restoraction:

After the excavation or construction work is finished, We perform site cleanup, removing debris, excess soil, and restoring the area to its original condition or as required by the project specifications.

Underground Utilty Installation:

We can install underground utilities such as water pipelines, sewer lines, electrical conduits, and telecommunications cables. Laying the necessary infrastructure, and backfilling the trenches once the installation is complete.

Foundation Excavation:

Foundation for Trenches, Buildings or structures. We excavate to the required depth, shape the foundation, and provide proper footing for the construction.

Erosion Control:

Setting up erosion control measures to prevent soil erosion and protect the land. For example: by installing erosion control blankets, silt fences, or sediment basins to minimize the impact of clearing on nearby water bodies or

Swimming Pool Excavation

We excavate and shape the ground for the installation of swimming pools, including digging the pool basin and creating surrounding features. We even do ponds

Septic System Installation:

Excavating and preparing the site for installing septic systems, laying the necessary components, and connecting the system to the building's plumbing.

Land Cultivation:

From land surveying services, including topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and staking, to assist with project planning and ensure accurate excavation and grading.

Road Construction:

Road construction projects, as in excavation, grading, and paving, to create or improve roadways and access points.

Retaining Walls:

Constructing retaining walls to provide structural support and prevent soil erosion on slopes or terrains with varying elevations.

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