Side Sewer and Water Service Repair

Side Sewer and Water Service Repair is an integral part of the maintenance of your property. As your property ages, sewer and water pipes get old. They can leak, rust, and have other unknown damages that result in a faulty drainage system. A lousy drainage system will pose health risks for your family if not repaired. If not fixed early on, further damage can result in pricey repairs later.

In-Depth Excavation provides side sewer and water service pipe repairs, plus more.

Repairs include specialized experience in water line leaks, waterline location, sewer lining, and pipeline replacement.

In-Depth Excavation can get into the tricky places on your property to repair damaged water lines. Water lines run under drive-ways, concrete walkways, and sometimes below stairs. In-Depth Excavation has the right equipment and training to service most side sewer and water service repair types.


Side Sewer Repair/Replacement

A side sewer is the pipe system that carries wastewater and drainage from your home’s plumbing and downspouts to the public sewer system or outlet. If you are having problems with your side sewer, we can help.

In-Depth Excavation offers the remedy for side sewer pipes and water replacement. In-Depth Excavation is highly skilled and recommended for side sewer repair and replacement in Snohomish County.

  • A note about the city and the sewer: Some cities slow the gutters into the storm drains and some don’t. It’s called a combined sewer system and it’s an old practice and going out of style. Please be advised, In-Depth Excavation will not connect storm water into a sewer system.

Symptoms of Side Sewer and Water Pipe Problems

  • A clogged drain is a serious and costly issue for pipe repairs. Water that backs up in your sinks, showers, and toilets is a symptom of a clogged sewer drainage system. Grease, food, baby wipes, hair, oil, and all things that are not supposed to go down the drain are reasons why pipes get clogged. Chemicals and contaminants will stick to a pipe’s side and then build up over time until the pipe clogs or cracks.
  • If your bath fills with water while you are showering, there is a clog in the drain. If the drain is clear, then the problem is in the outside pipes.
  • If your toilet is making a lot of gurgling noises or there isn’t any water in the bowl, there is a good chance that something is wrong in the pipes. A bathtub that takes too long to drain tells you that a hold up in the sewer system is impending the water movement. 
  • An odor in, outside, or around your house could sign improper drainage within the sewer system. Sometimes the city sewer is backed, which means there is nothing you have to do. If the odor is coming from your house, the sewer system inevitably needs service.
  • Low water pressure or changes in the force of water is an indication of clogged pipes. The water is trying to get by and is blocked or obstructed. 

Causes of Side Sewer and Water Pipe Problems

In Snohomish County and its surrounding areas, homes were built several years ago with materials that will not last through time. Galvanized and metal pipes are rusting and need repairs or replacement. Black poly was another highly used material of lines currently leaking in many homes throughout our county. Cast iron pipes corrode, leading to severe rust, leaking, and eventually breaking. Clay pipes move with the earth and break easily, and plastic pipes break from the weather and outside temperatures.

A common reason for broken sewer pipes is trees. Roots from overgrown trees on sidewalks often expand into and around pipes. Pipe intrusion is a common problem with an excessive root system. Most excavation companies will look for solutions to fix your piping with as little upset to the natural environment. 

The weather, earthquakes, or a big freeze can damage your pipes in one split second. 

In-Depth excavation understands side sewer causes and provides the proper solution to fix and repair damaged pipes.

Water Service Repair/Replacement

In-Depth Excavation offers solutions to water service lines. Many water lines in Snohomish county are in great need of repair. Your water lines may have leaks or damage due to clogging and age. We will communicate the problem to you, provide a plan, and repair your water lines.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is general information about excavation. It may or may not be relevant to the customer’s needs as each need of the customer is different. Each project varies and is completed as an individual plan determined by In-Depth Excavation.